Airline Cargo Business Association (ACBA)
was founded on September 5, 2002 by Asiana Airlines, Cargolux Airlines International S.A. and Martin Air Thailand. A former name of the association was ACP Thailand, which was locally established in 1993 by TG, QF and JL to be a working group of interline cargo managers in Thailand .

ACBA Objectives:

  • To support airfreight industry business.
  • To assist airline members to get through business barriers by negotiating with the third party concerned.
  • To monitor the movement of airfreight business inside and outside the kingdom for the benefit of airline members.
  • To unite airline members.
  • To exchange knowledge and information relating to airfreight business in between members.
  • To obtain airfreight statistics and other related information with consent from airline members.
  • To standardize and promote airfreight business in Thailand.
  • To cooperate with the government offices concerned to promote and level up the airfreight industry.
  • To compromise any controversy in between airline members